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Fitment Guarantee

Fitment Guarantee

Fitment Guarantee - Get the Correct BMW Parts!

As part of the world-class service we offer, we guarantee the correct factory replacement BMW parts for your vehicle and original factory options when you provide your VIN at checkout!  While the website does a great job of showing us the parts you need, it is mostly generic 3rd party data and does have discrepancies in the fitment data.  There can also be a huge variance from part to part for a vehicle depending on the make, specific model, production date, and factory build options that can only be confirmed by providing us your VIN.  

Providing your VIN at checkout allows us to internally pull up your vehicle and specific build options with the manufacturer’s parts catalog systems to check and verify the parts on your order.  We’ll apply any corrections and notify you of any price increases in the parts which would require your approval (please be sure to check your junk/spam folder as our emails are often filtered).  If the corrections are less expensive, we’ll simply adjust your totals and only collect the adjusted amount from the original payment authorization.  Our site - even when you input your VIN - does not know your specific vehicle information and attributes, and the fitment data is very generic – it’s to be used as a reference guide to show us the parts you require and should never be relied upon to confirm the correct parts.  **Please always include your VIN at checkout so we can offer our fitment guarantee.  ***If your vehicle is very new, the VIN may not yet be mastered to the online database and the VIN field may return it as invalid - if this occurs, simply include it in the Note to Seller section found under the shipping fields during checkout, or reply to your order confirmation email with your VIN.  If ordering for multiple vehicles, include multiple VINs in the Note to Seller section, or place separate orders for each vehicle and we'll try to combine them for you if ordered at the same time.

Please note:  We are not responsible if you do not include your VIN at checkout and receive incorrect parts.  

  • This is your warning that the site is a reference only and includes 3rd party data, and the only way we can ensure the correct parts is if you provide us your VIN at checkout.  Please ensure your VIN is entered accurately and without typos - we always recommend verifying it directly from the vehicle.  We are not liable if you provide an incorrect VIN.  Our checkout requires you to either include your VIN or opt-out.  Opting out also releases us of any liability for incorrect parts, although we’ll certainly help you source the correct ones should an error occur – please contact us immediately if this happens (and we have a very lenient Return Policy here.)  **Please do not state that the site said the part(s) fit your vehicle – this is your explicit warning that the site does not know and that you must include your VIN to guarantee the correct factory replacement parts.
  • You must also notify us if you are retrofitting parts not original to your vehicle and build - please utilize the note to seller section at checkout found under the shipping fields, or contact us with your order #.  For example, if you’re changing your dash trim from the original wood to carbon fiber, you must let us know so we don’t correct the order to the factory original option.  (you can also simply omit the VIN and we won’t make any changes to the order)  We're not responsible should we correct your order to the original factory replacement parts if you were purposely ordering parts not originally on your vehicle with the intention of retrofitting, but didn't notify us.  If you’re ordering accessories for your vehicle – you do not have to notify us that you’re retrofitting since they are applicable, but we still recommend including your VIN so we can ensure fitment.
  • While we’ll do our best, we cannot guarantee the fitment of specific hardware (nuts, bolts, clips, etc) as they can be used on multiple parts applications and across many vehicle models.  Please pay special attention to the descriptions of items on our site for position orientation and color – we cannot guarantee if you are ordering the correct side or color required for your specific application.  We can also not confirm fluids with your VIN – please consult your owner’s manual for recommended fluids. 
  • The parts diagrams are typically generic diagrams and do not necessarily represent the actual parts, included parts, or orientation of the parts on the vehicle.  For US spec vehicles, the left side is the driver’s side, while the right side is the passenger’s side – please take note of the position and description noted on the actual product page prior to ordering.
  • The green and red banners on the product page that often try to confirm fitment are also generic and 3rd party data – only by including your VIN at checkout can we guarantee order accuracy.
  • If you’re ever unsure of the parts you’re ordering and want the correct factory replacement parts – simply include your VIN at checkout.  Need further assistance? Contact us here as we’re standing by to assist during normal business hours.  

Thank you for your cooperation in providing us the information required to accurately fill your orders.