Genuine BMW E46 3 Series Coupe/Sedan Alarm System
Price: $314.00
Part Number: 65739416520**
Product Information:

The BMW security and alarm system helps protect against theft, vandalism and personal threat. With just one touch of a button, the system locks your BMW’s doors, trunk, hood and fuel filler door. Two touches double-lock the doors while a sensor detects any tampering with the glass. A flashing red LED on the mirror warns that the vehicle is protected. If the car is violated, a high-powered siren sounds. Factory pre-wiring ensures proper installation and reliable operation.

This convenient system includes:

  • BMW security and alarm system sensor
  • High-powered siren
  • Ultrasonic interior motion detector (except 3 series verts)
  • Glass breakage detector (except 3 series verts)
  • Trunk and hood protection
  • Tilt detector to prevent unathorized towing
  • Flashing "armed" status LED (on mirror)
  • Door lock/double lock ("arm") and unlock ("disarm")
  • Factory-installed wiring harness for plug-in connection

*Requires dealership activation.

**Price includes Ground Shipping!!!

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