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Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
82710403104* Each $255.00 $255.00
Genuine BMW Base Support System (Roof Rack Kit)
Genuine BMW Base Support System (Roof Rack Kit). BMW's practical, modular roof rack system with coded bolts offers security. Made of high-tensile aluminum tubing, this support system is remarkably strong and corrosion-resistant. Required for roof transport system accessories. Pricing varies depending on which model is selected. *Please include vin when ordering. **Roof rack storage bag sold separately - add part # 82712289107 to cart to order.
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
82712166924* Each $155.00 $155.00
Genuine BMW Touring Cycle and Mountain Bike Holder
This lockable holder in high-strength aluminum allows the safe transport of a racing, touring, child’s or mountain bike. Bicycles weighing up to a maximum of 50lbs. can be attached using an easy-to-use clamp system.
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
82722326514* Each $155.95 $155.95
Genuine BMW Racing Cycle Holder, Lockable
Quick-release fastening on the front wheel fork and a belt fastener on the rear wheel keep your cycle in place. A holder that secures the front wheel to the roof rack base is also available. Lockable. *Requires BMW Base Support System-as shown.
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
82120442358* Each $440.00 $440.00
BMW Luggage Rack
Made of high strength anodized aluminum, this multi-functional luggage rack comes with a new attractive design. Optional tensioning straps are available separately (add part # 82129413113 to cart).(Requires Base Support System) *Luggage Rack Dimensions (L x W) 48"x 33" Do not exceed the maximum roof load.
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
82729402896* Each $95.00 $95.00
BMW Surfboard and Windsurfer Carrier
This sleek yet sturdy attachment has impact-resistant board supports, an integrated mast carrier, belt eyelets and integrated tensioning straps to securely hold your board while you drive. (Requires base support, as shown)
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
82120399146* Each $160.00 $160.00
BMW Roof Cargo Carriers
Add up to 13 cubic feet of rooftop storage to your BMW with these versatile cargo carriers. Corrosion-resistant zippers open on three sides for easy access to bulky items, and all seams are sealed for superior water-resistance. 1" straps with convenient quick-release buckles secure carrier to roof rack. (BMW Base Support System and Luggage Rack required) *These ship at a pre-calculated flatrate of $75.00 due to the size of package.
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
82129401047* Each $1,135.00 $1,135.00
BMW Luggage Box
This lockable carrier is shorter but higher than the ski and luggage box. Available in white or can be painted to match vehicle body color. (L x W x H) 52" x 40.6" x 16.2" Unladen weight: Approximately 44 lbs. Capacity: Approximately 16.7 cu. ft. *BMW Base Support System required.
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
82112295977* Each $220.95 $220.95
Genuine BMW Kayak Carrier I & II
Genuine BMW Kayak Carrier II. Includes front and rear j-cradles, all mounting hardware for easy installation/removal, 2 heavy-duty load straps, buckle bumpers, a pair of tie-down straps for optionally securing kayak bow and stern to vehicle during transport and a tow eye hook. Requires base support system. Fits E84 X1, F30 3 Series, F25 X3, F07/10 5 Series, F12 6 Series, F01/02 7 Series. *Kayak Carrier I for E82 1 Series, E9x 3 Series, E60/61 5 Series, E63 6 Series, E65/66 7 Series, E70 X5, and E71 X6.
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
82712289107* Each $24.00 $24.00
Genuine BMW Roof Rack Bag
Genuine BMW Roof Rack Bag. (fits most BMW roof rack systems)
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
82720406587* Each $190.00 $190.00
Genuine BMW Ski & Snowboard Holder (lockable)
Suitable for carrying up to two snowboards and two pairs of skis, or up to six pairs of skis plus poles.
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
82710443100* Each $52.89 $52.89
Genuine BMW Raised Carrier Bars
Needed for equipment with high bindings (e.g. carving skis, snowboards) to increase gap to roof. **Only with Ski and snowboard holder.
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
82732209906* Each $800.00 $800.00
Genuine BMW Roof Box 320 & 460, Lockable
The Roof Box 460 is easy to load, thanks to an innovative system that opens from both sides. Features anti-theft triple central locking. 460 ltr. (16.2 cu.ft). Dimensions: 91"L x 32"W x 15"H. BMW Roof Box 320, Lockable Slightly smaller than the Roof Box 460, but equally convenient and sturdy. 320 ltr. (11 cu.ft). Dimensions: 89"L x 22"W x 15"H. *This item ships freight class at our $195.00 flatrate due to the size.
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