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Wallbox Gen 3 - BMW (61-90-5-A1E-1B3c)

Genuine BMW Wallbox Gen 3 - Part Number 61-90-5-A1E-1B3c

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  • Product ID: 61-90-5-A1E-1B3c
  • Description:

    BMW Wallbox Gen 3.  9.6kW, T1, UL.  The Wallbox is a home charging station for all Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV).  This allows safe and quick home charging.  In addition to its space-saving, compact dimensions, the Wallbox also delivers convenient cable management including connector and wall holders.


    • Safe, fast charging:  the Wallbox achieves a significantly shorter charging time compared to the OUC basic cable supplied with the car.
    • Easy to use and convenient cable management:  the cable can be hung on the cable holder, there is also a connector holder.
    • Design and function:  the Wallbox has a space-saving, compact design and is made of sturdy, weatherproof materials for indoor and outdoor use.
    • Low cost installation:  DC fault detection is already integrated into the Wallbox and therefore helps to achieve significant savings in installation costs.
    • Plug & play:  once the plug is connected to the vehicle, the charging process starts automatically without any further action being required.


    • All installed components are certified to international standards and have been tested by the BMW Group.
    • The BMW Group provides professional installation by an electrician, using a partner.
    • The Wallbox delivers a high level of safety thanks to its compliance with all national requirements, its electrical protection class of IP65 and mechanical protection class of IK09.
    • The Wallbox contains all of the safety technology modules needed to ensure that the car can be charged safely and reliably.


    • The Wallbox can be connected to the home power supply easily and flexibly.
    • The Wallbox supports the specific "time-controlled charging" function.  This means that cars can be charged only at certain times, for example to take advantage of cheaper electricity tariffs.
    • Temperature control in the car:  The temperature inside the car can be set in advance.  In the morning, the customer arrives to find a car that is already charged and warmed or cooled.  The energy required for this is provided via the Wallbox when the car is connected and therefore saves on energy that would be used while driving, thereby maximizing the car's range.
    • The status display on the Wallbox is represented by an LED bar on the front of the Wallbox.  The display on the Wallbox enables the customer to see the current charging status at a glance even from distance.
    • The Wallbox Service app can be used to keep the Wallbox up to date, change a whole series of settings and view the current device status at any time.  It also provides information and instructions for troubleshooting.

    The BMW Wallbox home charging station includes the Wallbox, charging cable to the car, and safety guide.  The cabling from the house to the Wallbox and fuse are specific to each market and connection case and must be determined on site by the electrician.

    Applicable to all Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) including:  F30 330e, G20 330e, G26 i4, G30 530e, G11/G12 740e, 745e, G01 X3 30e, F15 X5 40e, G05 X5 45e, I01 i3, I12 i8, I20 iX.

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