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Q. Do you offer local pickup?
A. Yes! Local pickup is available for customers in the area (DC/MD/VA) for orders placed online! Just chose the 'local pickup' option when choosing your shipping method. A $2.00 surcharge is applied to all pick-up orders. You will receive your email confirmation when your parts are in and your order is complete/ready for pickup. It will state "Order complete - pickup # ______". Please, DO NOT come into the dealership without placing an order online and expecting to get the online discounts. Also, please DO NOT come into the dealership before you recieve your email confirmation that your order is COMPLETE and READY FOR PICKUP w/ PICKUP #...the intial order confirmation is NOT your email confirmation that your order is complete and ready for pickup. You must provide the pickup # when picking up your order at the dealership. Internet orders can be picked up from 7:30am - 6pm M-F, and 9am - 3pm on Saturdays. We are located at 3211 Automobile Blvd. Silver Spring, MD 20904. To take advantage of our online prices, you must order online! Please bring photo ID when picking up online orders.