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Q. Why does the price of some items change?
A. We reserve the right to make pricing changes based on what we pay for the parts from BMW. When they raise the price, we must raise the price and vice versa. If you were quoted some pricing and the prices change before you submit an order, we reserve the right to change to BMW’s current pricing. RealOem and other websites that give pricing are not updated and often time have incorrect pricing. The online parts catalog is to be used as a reference guide and does not always reflect the accurracy, pricing, availability or stocking status of parts. Although the majority of the data in the catalog is correct, there can be discrepancies in part numbers, part descriptions, and pricing due to monthly manufacturer updates and data available. We reserve the right to make changes to part numbers and pricing depending on manufacturer data. Some items have very little, if any mark-up (oils, fluids, upholstery parts, nav discs, special tools, certain electronic parts, etc), and discounting our typical 20%+ would result in selling below our cost. In these situations, price changes will require customer approval. We'll update the status of your order with a comment explaining the price change. You'll have to log into your account and 'approve' or 'not approve' this change in order for us to proceed with your order. No charges can or will be made to your card until a decision is made.